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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Christina Tarkoff

My goal is for everyone to enjoy art within their own home or office!

And, now you can!

From charcoal sketches to small oil paintings to large oil paintings ... I paint to fit a wide range of budgets.

I also offer various prints (which are reproductions of my original paintings.)
My canvas panel prints, which are very popular at the outdoor festivals, are available in two sizes:
8x10 - $25
12x16 - $35
I can make just about any of my paintings as a canvas panel print, just let me know!

A Big SHOUT OUT of....


to my dear family, friends, fellow MRAC members, and my loyal email readers for their continuing support.
As I always say, "ART IS A TOUGH GIG!"
It helps to know the journey is worth it.

I am proud to announce that my Women Who Shatter Barriers portraits, "Rosa Parks" and "Gloria Steinem" will go to new homes!
Thank you to:

Borelli's Chestnut Hill Gallery
One East Gravers Lane
(next to J. Mclauglin's at the corner of Germantown and Gravers)
Philadelphia, PA  19118

"Painting the Town"
Exhibition runs thru May 31, 2019

New Work!

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- Dissent." 8x10. Oil and collage on canvas panel.

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- Dissent." 8x10. Oil and collage on canvas panel.


Take a close look. Ruth is wearing her Dissent necklace/collar in this new commissioned painting. Thank you to the new collector who found me and commissioned this painting. I had planned from the beginning to paint Ruth wearing her many collars, and with this commission request, I got the nudge!

Art Brings People Together

Art has the power to take us places we never knew existed and connect us with individuals we'd otherwise never have the pleasure to meet.

I'd love for you to explore my creative efforts!
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