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How to Prevent Swiss Cheese Walls!

Christina Tarkoff
Ok, I had a bit a fun here with the photofunia app!

Ok, I had a bit a fun here with the photofunia app!

Hanging art in your home or office can be stressful because it may lead to "swiss cheese" walls. You know what I mean  - you think you found the perfect place for your art and put the nail in the wall to hang and ... "Ugh" that art just does not work where you thought it would!

Well, I don't have the perfect solution to "Swiss Cheese" Walls. And, we cannot all have a fancy schmancy wiring system like an art gallery.

My best suggestion for size and spacing:

  • Cut a piece of newspaper (or some other scrap material) the size of your artworks
  • Tape the cut pieces of newspaper on the wall where you want to hang your art.
  • (Use masking tape that doesn't remove the paint from your walls.)
  • Experiment with positioning the newspaper templates around on your walls

This is not a perfect solution, but, like I said in the past - COMPOSITION IS KING, even for your walls!

If you have come up with any solutions to hanging art! Please share!