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What is Good Art?

Collecting ArtChristina Tarkoff
One of my favorite paintings is  Nighthawks,  painted in 1942 by Edward Hopper.

One of my favorite paintings is Nighthawks, painted in 1942 by Edward Hopper.

Good art depends on who is looking at it. Good art is... Art that transports you. Art that you enjoy. Art that intrigues, inspires or uplifts you. That is good art!

How Do You Know What is Good Art?

What is good art? Well that depends on who is looking at it! There is only one way to describe it...Good art moves you. It evokes emotion. It transports you. Maybe, it brings you to a place you love? Maybe it inspires you, brings you serenity and beauty? 

Throughout the ages, there have been many theories of what makes great art. I think it’s really simple...GOOD ART TRANSPORTS YOU!
— Christina Tarkoff

Looking at Art

The only way to appreciate art is to look at it! Look at 5 pieces of art each day. It's fun, uplifting and good for your psyche. Click away at the Google Art Project to view famous art from all over the world. Better yet, visit a local museum, art center, or art show and feast your eyeballs. I am guessing you will love lots of artists and totally dislike others. We all have famous art that we love...maybe it's Edward Hopper's Nighthawks (Art Institute Chicago, USA)Ok, Nighthawks is my fave! But, I love so many kinds of art, from Botticelli's Primavera (Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy) to Claus Oldenburg's Clothespin—which, by the way, is located in Philly and was inspired by Rodin's The Kiss (also located in Philly).

Yes, there are plenty of attributes that I look for in a piece of art...a moment in time, composition, color, movement, lights, darks, contrast. When all those features work together, it's sheer delight! But, those features alone do not make good art. 

Collecting and Purchasing Art

As a collector of art, it is important to collect what you love. Because, let's face it, once you invest in a piece of art, you will be looking at that art in your home/office/yard, etc. for a long time. So, you don't wanna get bored with it. Each time you look at that art, you want enjoy that moment in time, to take delight or pleasure in it and benefit from the mere fact that you were wise enough to bring it into your home.

Stop thinking about art as an investment. Perhaps in a few dozen years, the price of your art will be higher than when purchased, but really, who cares. 

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
— Pablo Picasso

Art is for Enjoyment

Truthfully, if there could be a formula for "what is good art," it would no longer be art! My advice when searching for that perfect piece of art for your home or office is to collect art that YOU love.

Art that YOU Love

The local art critic or local gallery owner cannot reach into your psyche. Art brings your senses alive, it is subtle and ethereal. Art defies definition.


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