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New Work and Holiday Greetings

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New Work

"Dilworth Splash" 18x24 inches. Oil on stretched linen canvas.   Almost finished!

"Dilworth Splash" 18x24 inches. Oil on stretched linen canvas.
Almost finished!

I know everyone is crazy busy this weekend.

I have not even hung the decorations on my tree yet! Mostly cuz I have a self-imposed deadline to finish "Dilworth Splash" before Christmas. I am almost there. My Christmas shopping is complete, so tomorrow I plan to finish this painting! It needs a few things here and there and of course the right side is not complete yet. But it's all doable. 

I will run a "Wet Canvas" discount for 30 days from the date I post the painting to my website.

This painting has been a joyful experience - watching the kids develop from the sketches into a painting. I love the two girls splashing the water from each other. They are enjoying their game of "Splash." Of course, the boys are running around chasing each other. The barefoot camera woman with blue hair is just passing through the park on a hot summer day. The unfinished woman at far right is probably on her lunch break, enjoying watching the kids at play on a lovely summer day in beautiful Dilworth Park.

If you don't know the parks of Philly, you must visit. They are the best!

So, until next week...for those who celebrate:

Merry Christmas 2017!
Wishing you a joyous holiday filled with peace, happiness & laughter.

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Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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