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The Art of Slowing Down

Christina Tarkoff
New Work in Progress:   "Waiting."  12x16 inches. Oil on stretched Canvas.

New Work in Progress: "Waiting." 12x16 inches. Oil on stretched Canvas.

New Work-in-Progress: "Waiting"

My current work-in-progress, "Waiting" is inspired by the tableaux I noticed while waiting for a train at Suburban Station in downtown Philly. I was struck by this dad waiting for the train with his kids. No fancy toys, ipads, mobile phones, or new-tech strollers. Just a dad and his kids waiting patiently for the next train to arrive. The kids seemed so content, waiting with their dad. I don't know these folks, I have no idea who they are or where they live. But, I fell in love with the moment.

It made me think of how basic life can be and how we should spend less time connecting with our devices and more time connecting with each other.

The Speed of Modern Life

We spend so much of life in a fast-paced hurry. It's an epidemic. Instant everything. From the readily-available fast foods (and I don't necessarily mean McDonald's) to the up-to-the-minute weather report on our smart phones.

Life has conditioned us to expect EVERYTHING really quick and in a hurry! In this rush, we forget about enjoying each bite of food and, to use a hackneyed phrase "how to stop and smell the roses." (My next painting, by the way is of roses—really.)

I'm a naturally slow person. I deliberate over everything. I take really long to plan meals, food shop, and I take way to long to plan and make my paintings. I like to totally immerse myself, plan, and concentrate on tasks.

Now, I'm sure folks that know me, view me as somewhat high energy. Talking way too fast and moving around way too fast. And, that's not a good thing, but definitely a product of my heritage and our fast-moving society.

Art Helps Us Slow Down

Making art, viewing art, thinking about art. It really does allow the mind to be free and uncluttered. Kind of like a stress-free visual meditation. Art gives us the opportunity to relax and make a conscious effort to think and act more slowly.

Here's the pitch...

So, to help the world slow down a bit by looking at art, I have an entire website with,! Please browse this site, look at the paintings, read the stories!  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I love creating them! And, of course, they are all for sale!

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